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As technology progresses rapidly towards development, you can see innovation in every field, including laser marking machines. In this brief guide, we will explain everything related to laser marking machines with special preferences for Co2 laser marking machines. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start our article by introducing laser marking machines.

What is a Laser Marking Machine?

A laser marking machine is an advanced equipment that can handle everything from 3D curved surface engraving to deep metal relief sculpture. They are advanced machines that use highly efficient lasers to perform the marking process. Laser marking machines are advanced machines that consist of a set of non-contact marking procedures utilized in making permanent marks on the surface of any object.

The laser marking procedure depends on the technology of the laser that you are using. Whether you want engraving on metal, wood, plastic, signs, jewelry, wire, guns, tools, art, fabric, leather, tags, or glass, then a laser marking machine is the best option for you.

Laser marking can be done via various types of lasers including Co2 lasers, fiberglass lasers, continuous lasers as well as pulsed lasers. The three most common laser marking applications are listed hereunder:

Laser Annealing: It produces marks under the surface without affecting the protective coating or the metal base.

Laser Engraving: It creates permanent and deep marks that can withstand abrasion.

Laser Etching: If you want high-contrast permanent marks with high speed, then doubtlessly, a laser etching machine is best for you.

Laser marking machines are widely used in different industries around the world because they can mark different materials including aluminum, steel, rubber, stainless steel, polymers, etc. It is sometimes used to recognize products and parts with 2D barcodes (QR codes or data matrix codes), VINs, alphabetic-numeric serial numbers, as well as logos.

What is the Working Principle of a Laser Marking Machine?

The working principle of the laser marking machine is completely based on the laser beams. Interested to know how these advanced machines work? Continue reading!!!

Laser marking machines start their job by generating powerful beams of lasers. The laser beam generation in any laser marking machine depends on the following parts:

Laser medium

Optical resonator

Pump source

The laser medium plays a vital role in the wave position and the excitation energy required by the laser marking machine. The preferred lasing mediums include organic dyes, Co2 gas, aluminum garnet, and neodymium-doped yttrium. Such lasing material can also exist in geometrical shapes. They exist in geometrical shapes to optimize the control and emission of the laser beam. For example, a rod-shaped lasing material is best for producing high-quality laser beams with excellent optical characteristics that are suitable for precise marking.

The optical resonator acts as a high reflector and output coupler (partially reflective) mirror. Its main function is to reflect the light that is produced by the lasing medium. Optical resonators can also consist of other parts including a q-switch, modulator, etc. that can change the properties of the generated laser beam.

Lastly, the important part of a laser marking machine is the pump source. It serves the purpose of introducing energy to the laser marking equipment, which excites the lasing medium and leads to the emission of photons through stimulated or spontaneous emission.

After the laser beams are generated, the final process (marking) is performed on the target material. When the beam of a powerful laser touches the surface of the targeted material, the produced heat energy causes modulation in the attributes and features of the material. The type of variation relies on the technology of the laser that you prefer. Lastly, when the contact between the laser beam and the target is established, it results in a permanent marking on the surface of the targeted object.  

How to Operate a Laser Marking Machine?

Laser marking machines are of various types. A few types of laser marking machines that are widely used in industries are described in later sections. Well, here our main concern is what general principles or rules or considerations are kept in mind before operating any laser marking machine. As they are of different types equipped with different parts, their working, operation, as well as handling, are also different.

The most accurate way of handling or using a laser marking machine depends on the targeted material you are working with and the application you are using. Well, it is important to consider a few things before operating any laser marking machine. A general guide on how to operate any laser marking machine is mentioned below:

Follow safety precautions. This includes wearing safety gear. Check ventilation before you proceed. And understand the laser class you are working with,

Once done with safety precautions. Set up the machine. This includes placing the machine on a stable level surface followed by connecting it to the power source. Turn on the machine and make sure that every part is working well. In short, do a startup test.

Prepare the targeted material. Make sure it is free from dirt, oil, etc, and place it on the marking table.

Run the software setup to ensure that it is working well and giving positive results.

Once the software inspection is complete, adjust the parameters, including power, speed, focus, frequency, etc.

Focus the laser on the targeted material and run the machine.

Note: The above information is a general guide about how to run a marking machine. Different laser marking machines follow different protocols. If you are a beginner and want to learn how these advanced machines work, then it is important to consult any professional.

Are Different Lasers Used to Mark Different Materials?

Yes. Different laser marking machines are used to mark different materials. A Co2 laser marking machine is best for engraving and marking on non-metallic products. A fiber laser marking machine is generally used for engraving and marking on metals and some plastics. Furthermore, green lasers are used for marking and engraving on ceramics, metal, glass, and plastics.

What are the Benefits of Laser Marking Machines?

If you are a manufacturer looking for a highly accurate marking, then doubtlessly, laser marking technology is the best option for you. Laser marking machines offer numerous benefits compared to traditional marking methods. A laser marking machine is highly preferred over inkjet printing, dot peen printing, etc. Some benefits offered by laser marking machines are listed hereunder:

Laser marking machines can do marking and engraving at higher speeds with greater precision.

They give consistent results compared to other marking methods.

You can get more accountability and visibility throughout the supply chain.

A laser marking machine offers a high degree of productivity and is highly operational and efficient with less downtime and environmental waste.

They offer minimum costly threats such as counterfeiting and quality issues.

Laser marking machines, specifically Co2 laser marking machines, do their operation without any noise.

You can do marking and engraving on different materials including wood, plastic, metal, glass, jewelry, etc.

Laser marking machines help ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

No chemicals are used while operating laser marking machines.

Laser marking machines are generally controlled via advanced software. This enhances the customization levels and quick changes can be made to the marking design.

Is Laser Marking the Best Option for Parts Manufacturing?

No doubt, a laser marking process is the best option for parts manufacturing over inkjet marking, dot peening, and other marking methods. Read on to know the mesmerizing reasons why the laser marking process is highly preferred:

You can easily create patterns and designs on any material in a short time via a laser marking machine. A laser marking machine offers you the best results with excellent precision at comparatively high speed. This is opposite to the ordinary marking process, where speed is greatly dependent on the user.

You can get permanent marking with the help of a laser marking machine. A laser marking machine just like a dot peening marking system produces highly durable marking in tough conditions for instance chemicals. Consequently, aviation, automobiles, and other manufacturing industries highly prefer laser marking due to the permanent marking. Durable and permanent markings allow such manufacturers to identify and track their products regardless of the point of use.

Furthermore, the marking process is a non-contact process. No changes occur in the properties and physical state of the material. Because the process is contactless, laser marking is very successful in manufacturing and related industries.

No doubt, no consumables (for example, chemicals) are used in the laser marking process. There are no or lesser chances of ejection of harmful products during the entire marking process.

One of the foremost reasons for the great utilization of laser marking machines in the manufacturing area is that it does not contribute to noise pollution. Hence, they are highly eco-friendly machines.

How Many Types of Laser Marking Processes Are There?

Laser marking processes are of various types. Each process has its own laser emission mechanism. Some are listed hereunder:

Laser Engraving:

The most useful and common method in laser marking processes is laser engraving. Besides being used in parts manufacturing, it is widely used in prototyping. Laser engraving is suitable for all types of material, including ceramics, metals, and plastics. Just like other laser marking processes, it delivers a permanent marking on the surface of the targeted material. It should be noted that laser engraving is a subtractive process.

A subtractive process is defined as a fabrication or manufacturing method in which material is removed from the targeted piece in order to achieve the desired shape, size, finish or form. When the laser beams strike the targeted material, the specific portion on which the laser strikes is removed and converted into vapor or plasma which is then removed by the fume extractor. Once removed, an engraved marking is left on the targeted surface.

Laser Annealing:

The second most important process in the laser marking process is laser annealing. Unlike laser engraving, it is a non-subtractive process. This type of technique is used for those products that require a high degree of dimensional accuracy. In this process, the laser beams are used to slowly heat and cool the surface of the metal to change its color (green, yellow, or red) depending on the metal’s surface temperature.

Laser annealing is not suitable for aluminum and non-ferrous metals. Why? Because their colors are not affected by the effect of oxide and heat.

Laser Etching:

Laser etching is commonly used for metals including stainless steel, aluminum, lead, steel, etc. The laser etching leaves marking by etching the targeted surface by initiating pulsed beams of laser on the targeted surface. Once they hit the surface, it absorbs the laser beam and turns it to heat. This is important for melting the surface. Once the surface is melted, a prominent marking appears on the targeted surface.

Other important techniques used in laser marking with various industrial applications include the following:

1. Dot peening

2. Inkjet marking

3. Chemical etching

How Many Types of Laser Marking Machines Are There?

Different types of laser marking machines are used for various purposes. The most important with short descriptions are listed hereunder:

Co2 Laser Marking Machine:

As indicated by the name, such an advanced laser marking machine that uses Co2 as the lasing medium is called a Co2 laser marking machine. It is the most appropriate marking machine for organic products. They can also leave a prominent marking on metals. But before using a Co2 laser marking machine on metals, it is important to treat the metal with a special marking agent. Marking agents give it a high contract and permanent mark).

As compared to other laser marking machines, Co2 laser marking machines have the longest wavelength of 10600 nm. That’s why they are highly preferred and considered useful for marking a variety of materials. Moreover, they also provide quick markings. The Co2 laser marking machines at our company are multifunctional, equipped with high-speed scanning, and are developed with humanized control buttons.

If you are looking for engraving on wood products, toys, artistic adaptations, architectural models, and furniture, then doubtlessly, a Co2 laser marking machine is the best option for you. Focus Laser Co2 laser marking machine is perfect for cutting thin materials including leather, paper, light wood, and cloth.

Green Laser Marking Machines:

They have a wavelength of 532 nm. If you want a permanent marking on material like soft plastic, or printed circuit boards (PCBs), then a green laser marking machine is the best option for you. They are best for creating precise and accurate marking on targeted material and can easily absorb a wide variety of materials.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine:

They are the simpler, advanced, and more adaptable marking machines that use high technology of fiber optics as a lasing medium. They are highly preferred for non-organic materials including steel, metal, aluminum, etc. Such advanced machines are equipped with a high marking speed mechanism that consumes less energy compared to other marking machines. Moreover, they are highly preferred in different industries due to their low maintenance. Unfortunately, they are not ideal machines for marking thick products.

MOPA Laser Marking Machines:

MOPA stands for Master Oscillator Power Amplifier. MOPA Laser marking systems are ideal for creating black markings on high-quality plastics and metals. They are equipped with a master oscillator to generate laser beams. The power amplifier enhances the efficiency of the output power level.

In normal cases, the pulse duration of laser marking machines is not adjustable. Despite that, for the master oscillator power amplification marking system, the pulse energy and pulse duration can be adjusted. In short, they are highly flexible.

What is a Co2 Laser Marking Machine? Why is it Highly Preferred?

An advanced type of laser marking machine that works by using a gas laser with an average wavelength of 1.64 micrometers is called a Co2 laser marking machine. In this machine, the Co2 acts as a lasing medium. The high beams of laser that are produced by Co2 gas molecules are used for marking and engraving patterns, photos, lines, or texts on wood, ABS, resin, etc.

The Co2 laser marking machine developed at Focus Laser company is a multifunctional machine that can perform markings on different products including rubber, acrylic, glass, PET, paper, etc.

The Co2 laser marking machine developed at our company is equipped with high-speed scanning software and other advanced equipment that are useful for engraving denim and wood at high speed. The Focus Laser Co2 laser marking machine is also equipped with a galvanometer. This is important to ensure fast and precise movement of laser beams for high-speed and accurate marking.

It is highly preferred due to its countless benefits. Some are listed hereunder:

1. It provides higher efficiency and beam quality to engrave and mark non-metallic objects.

2. The Co2 laser marking machine does not contribute to noise pollution. It works calmly.

3. You can mark and engrave dates, logos, etc.

4. It is highly stable compared to other types of laser marking machines.

5. It meets with the standards of non-metallic highly accurate and precise engraving and marking works.

6. It minimizes the maintenance and industrial costs. It includes the lower rejection rate, labor cost, consumable costs, tool costs, etc.

7. It is a safe and clean machine. The machine’s efficiency and quality are recognized globally and are widely accepted for high-precision, high-quality, and clean output of engraving and marking on non-metallic objects.

8. It is compatible with various advanced software including Photoshop, CorelDraw, and AutoCAD.

9. The design of the Co2 laser marking machine is very robust.

10. Co2 laser marking machines have minimum to low processing costs and produce error-free results

What Are Applications of Co2 Laser Marking Machine?

CO2 laser marking machines for sale are used in various industries for engraving and marking purposes. Some applications of Co2 laser marking machines are listed hereunder:

1. Engraving on wood

2. Marking on glass

3. Marking and cutting acrylic

4. Marking on leather

5. Engraving on plastics

6. Marking on rubber

7. Engraving on denim

8. Engraving and marking on paper and cardboard

9. Marking on foam

10. Engraving on bamboo, etc.

Focus Laser; Best Supplier of Laser Marking Machine:

No doubt, the laser marking machine industry is over-saturated with numerous manufacturers and suppliers. If you are looking for a professional company to acquire highly efficient Co2 laser marking machines, then you are at the right place. Guangzhou Focus Laser Technology Co., Ltd is a professional company that relies on the developed light industry machinery in the Pearl River Delta.

Our company is a perfect supply chain for a variety of laser marking machines, including the Co2 laser marking machine.

After years of steady development, we have become the leading supplier of laser marking machines. Whether you are a manager or own a textile, or company related to industrial fabrics, leather, clothing, printing, packaging, hardware tools, electronics, etc, and you are looking for a laser marking machine, then we have got you. We are a company with our own factory. You can get highly efficient marking machines at competitive prices only at Focus Laser.

We are entertaining customers around the globe. To guarantee our aim to global customers, Focus Laser has built up our international sales services. We have laser machines in stock in different countries including the USA, Spain, and Brazil. Whether you are in the USA or Europe, the shipment will be at your door within three working days.

There are more than enough reasons to choose us over other suppliers. Some are  listed hereunder:

1.Our company is equipped with strong development ability. We can show our customers new designs every month.

2.We are among the few companies supporting ODM and OEM services.

3.Our business is 100% legit and entertains the clients with the best after-sales services.

4.Before starting with the mass production order, we can show you our sample. Once you are satisfied, we can begin production accordingly.

5.Our company is equipped with highly skilled staff that can provide prompt response to your inquiries.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get a quote!

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