Can a UV laser marking machine produce colors on stainless steel?

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We have heard that fiber laser marking machine can make color on stainless steel, and then many people have doubts. UV laser marking machine has a wider range than fiber laser marking machine. Can UV laser marking machine make color on stainless steel? The answer is definitely not. Actually marking color on stainless steel is uncontrollable, so if you want to make color on products, you may cannot achieve a uniform color at all.

UV laser marking machine is mainly used in cosmetics, medicine, food and other polymer materials packaging bottle surface marking, the effect is fine, the mark is clear and firm, better than ink jet code and zero pollution; flexible PCB board marking, silicon wafer micro hole, blind hole processing; LCD glass QR code marking, glassware surface marking, metal surface coating marking, plastic keys, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials and so on.

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  1. Due to the small focusing spot and small processing heat affected zone, UV laser can be used for ultra-fine marking and special material marking, which is the first product recommended by customers with higher requirements for marking effect.
  2. UV laser engraving machine can process more materialsin addition to copper.
  3. UV laser not only has good beam quality and smaller focusing spot, but also can realize super fine marking and has a wider application range.
  4. The UVlaser has the advantages of small heat affected area, no thermal effect, no material burning problem, fast marking speed and high efficiency, stable performance, small size and low power consumption.

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