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Creat jewelry with laser machine

The laser processing of materials for the production of jewelry is one of the fundamental prerogatives of the laser systems.
Laser welding, laser marking and cutting make it possible to reach high quality products but not only on today’s jewels. Even on vintage pieces and on costume jewelery. Where the material is of poor quality but where it is possible to make cheap repairs.

The new technologies in support of the goldsmith’s art are available from laser machine.
The YAG laser allows to repair, embed, polish and complete objects with precious stones without causing thermal shock and metal withdrawal;
With the YAG laser it is possible to weld objects without using soldering alloys which inevitably lead to color variations, with a consequent depreciation of the value;
Using our lasers, no finishing and cleaning operations are necessary when finishing the workpiece;
Finding a small hole in a final polishing ring can be a problem. But with the laser it can be managed in no time and an invisible repair is easily obtained;
Resizing a platinum ring with a junction that leaves no trace is only possible with laser, because it is stronger than any other solder.

What else is it possible to do with laser in jewelry?
Assemble pieces with very different thicknesses, for example;
It is also possible to assemble pieces made of different alloys such as gold and steel;
The YAG laser does not oxidize and makes it possible to recover pieces that have come out with defects from the casting process;
Filling an engraving on a piece of jewelry to make a new one is easy, using a wire of the same material by laser welding.
What about jewelry design, since laser has been created?
The way of thinking about jewels has definitely changed, because now they can be made using materials that until recently were not taken into consideration.
The laser is changing the jewelery industry, improving the working conditions of the operators and expanding the possibilities of movement.

In addition to the repair of jewelry with laser, another important part is their marking and cutting for jewelry materials

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