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How to choose different types fiber laser marking machine?

Fiber laser marking machine have many types to satisfy different industries. Today we will share with you all the different types fiber laser marking machine as follows:

1. Desktop fiber laser marking machine:

Desktop fiber laser marking machine is widely used in many industries. It is equipped with desktop, so it has a bigger cabinet. If you have a big workshop, and your product size is not big, not very heavy, you should choose this type. It’s practical.

2. Mini fiber laser marking machine:

It is one of the most popular Laser markers for its small size. It will save working space, it can also save freight if you choose to delivery by air. The only difference between desktop type and mini type is desktop type is equipped desktop PC while mini type is equipped with laptop. All core Spare parts assemble in a small cabinet, so it will save working space and easy to move.

3. Portable laser marking machine:
It is more easier to move or put in different places. Net weight only 35KG, easy to carry. Now it’s the smallest laser marking machine in market.Desktop and mini type adjust focal length though lifting column and rotating handle, but portable type adjust focal length by worktable, you can rotate screws get work table left-right-up-down.

4. Enclosure laser marking machine:
It is very popular in Europe market. It can protect operator’s safety. User can set”marking only after close the door”. But this type also expensive than other types. Besides, this type adjust focal length by press button. It’s automatic. you may press “up” or “down” to adjust focal length.

5.Handheld laser marking machine:
Handheld fiber laser marking machine is very similar as the portable type. The different is you can take the optical bench off when you mark big heavy objects.

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