How to solve the problem of laser marking machine scan head not working

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The reasons for the abnormal operation of the laser marking machine galvanometer head may include the following:

Scan head signal line connection failure:

Poor connection or short circuit of the galvanometer line will cause the galvanometer to fail to work properly.

Solution: Check whether the line connection is firm, re-plug the galvanometer line, eliminate the short circuit problem, and replace the line or connector if necessary.

Scan head power supply failure:

The galvanometer power supply is ±15V. If the power supply is insufficient or unstable, it will not work properly.

Solution: Check the Scan head power supply voltage. If the voltage is too low, increase the voltage at the power supply voltage adjustment. If it still cannot run, you need to update the new ±15V power supply.

Scan head itself failure:

If the galvanometer itself is damaged or aged, it is also prone to problems.

Solution: Check whether the galvanometer has signs of damage or aging. If so, you need to replace a new galvanometer.

Reflecting mirror failure:

The reflector is an indispensable component in the laser marking machine. If there is a problem with the reflector, it will also cause the galvanometer to fail and no laser will be emitted.

Solution: Check whether the reflecting mirror is damaged or contaminated. If so, it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Control board problem:

The control board is the key part of controlling the movement of the galvanometer. If the control system fails, the galvanometer will not work properly.

Solution: Check whether the control system is operating normally. If there is a fault, the relevant components in the control system need to be repaired or replaced.

Software setting problem:

Wrong software setting of the laser marking machine may also cause the Scan head to work abnormally.

Solution: Reinstall the software or check whether the software settings are correct. If there is a problem, you need to adjust or reset the software parameters.

Environmental factors:

The working environment of the laser marking machine may also affect the work of the Scan head, such as the ground wire is not connected properly, the temperature is too high, the humidity is too high, etc.

Solution: Reconnect the ground wire to the machine to ensure that the laser marking machine works under suitable environmental conditions

The reasons for the abnormal operation of the laser marking machine scan head may involve multiple aspects such as the line, the scan head itself, the reflecting mirror , the control card, the software settings, and environmental factors. When troubleshooting, you should check one by one according to the specific situation and take corresponding solutions. If the problem is more complicated or cannot be solved by yourself, you can contact our engineer for more assistant ,And here is our company website

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