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laser cleaning machine

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Laser cleaning machine is the most powerful cleaning machine to remove rust or painting. Compare with traditional rust remove or paiting remove, laser cleaning machine which has benefit as below:
It is fast, easy, accuracy, no consumable materials needed, environment friendly. Which is widely used for derust the metal surface, painting remove, surface painting stripping treatment, Surface oil stains, stains, dirt cleaning surface coating, coating removal,pretreatment of welding surface/spray surface,removal of dust and attachments on the surface of stone statues,automobile peripherals, ships, rail transit, aerospace, rubber molds, environmental protection industries, etc. laser cleaning machine no need any chemical materials which will keep environment friendly, no need grinder make a lot of dust, laser clearning machine not like dry ice blast cleaning with high cost of consumable materials. laser cleaning machine not like ultrasonic cleaning machine with small processing area. So compare with above, laser cleaning machine is a best choice right now to do dust remove, remove painting.
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