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Laser machine engrave pens

This article is about laser machine engrave pens – a better option for customization.

In recent times, there has been an enormous shift in the marketing models of all companies.

This has majorly facilitate by the technological advancement that we are witnessing.

Most companies are now extensively using social media for advertising but to get an edge over competition, businesses are leaning towards customization as an advertising tool.

In fact, many start-ups are solely providing this service of customizing key products.

One object which is use almost everyone daily even if just to write a to do list for the day is a Pen.

So, it is a no brainier that Pen is one of the most appropriate products to be engraved for a company’s promotion.

More and more companies now hand over such products with company’s name and logo on it. This is one product which will be used the most and will cost the least.

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Laser engraving a pen uses digital computer technology to study the intricate design and direct that with laser beam to the pen making a permanent mark on it.

It is claim to a quick and simple method. Also, a laser can cut into both flat and curve surfaces so even if it is a curve pen the laser engraving works well.

In fact, the design looks more compelling on curved pen.

From a company’s stand point the person using the pen will see the logo as many times as they pick it up to write.

This increases the recall value for the company. On the other hand, the customer who receive the pen got a useful item free of cost and that too with a unique design on it.

It is a win-win situation for both.

Let’s take two examples here for pens engraving.
A medical representative of a pharmaceutical company hands over laser engraved pen to the doctor. Doctor is going to use the pen whole day long to write prescriptions for patients.

Let’s say the doctor hands over 10 prescriptions a day. Out of 10 times, at least 3 times the doctor will see the pharma company’s name as well as logo and chances are that he or she will prescribe the medicine of the same company to the patient.

One pen here helped the company get a business of say $10. When extrapolated to match with the number of doctors the company reached out to, this makes up for a whopping amount.

This is not only just business to business function but works directly for the customer too.

When you stay at a hotel there is always a pen on the desk with hotel’s name and logo on it.

To sum up
You take than pen with you after you leave. Now every time you use that it will remind you of your stay at that hotel.

If your stay was pleasant, chances are next time you plan a holiday you will opt for the same hotel group.

Somebody who sees the pen in your hand might also get intrigue with a unique design on pen and enquirer about it.

This way the hotel gains attention of not only existing customer but a prospective customer as well.

This is how a laser pens engraving helps businesses gain or retain customers.

In fact, it makes for a thoughtful personal gift too. Gifting your best friend, a pen with initials of both of your names on it is such an adorable gift idea.

There are plenty of such examples which in a way lead to the conclusion that a laser engraved pen is the best option for customization, either for business promotion or personal gifting.

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