Fiber MOPA Laser Marking Machine Manufacture Split Portable For Metal Material FL

Marking Materials: Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium
Features: 1) Raycus or JPT laser source
2) noiseless
3) high speed engrave
4) high durability
5) high reliability
6) 1 year warranty
Quick metal marking、Exact metal marking、Engraving medical instruments、Etching on laptops and cellphones、PLA etching on plastic、Etching on leather And many others.

Laser Source
Fiber laser source we choose Raycus, JPT with detail selected laser source with high quality spot size and long lifetime over 110,000 hours running. Like 8 hours a working day running more than 30 years.
Red Dot Pointers
Red dot pointers we choose best quality with insulation out coating materials to ensure long time use, with inner and outer red laser dot which compare with scan head inbuilt type small red dot. Big professional red dot pointers are durable and easy for future maintain.

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