Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Customized for Copper Gold Metal Material Welding Machine

Applicable Materials: Gold, platinum, titanium, silver, copper, nickel, aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel, etc. Features:
1. Fast welding speed,noiseless operation,welding efficiency is greatly improved,welding time is significantly reduced
2. Compact design, save space in the studio
3. The high-power beam expansion system can obtain more fine spots to meet the needs of fine laser spot welding.

The miniature laser welding machine is composed of YAG pulse laser, laser power supply, imported optical system, built-in integrated water cooling machine, CCD observation system, etc., table top equipment, small size, light weight, strong function; Adopts the laser power supply and welding system independently developed by the company, and is equipped with the dual observation mode of HD microscope and CCD camera.

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