UV Laser Marking Machine Split Type Glass Plastic Engraving

Marking Materials: ABS, PV, PVC, PP plastic, Aluminium, Brass, Crome, Gold, Wood, Glass, Paper and Cardboard

Unique Low-power Laser Beam
Cold Laser Marking for Ultra-fine Processing
Marking Effect is Fine, Clear and Firmly,and Better Than Ink Jet Code
High Quality Laser Beam and Smaller Focusing Spot can Achieve Hyperfine Marking.
Low Thermal Effect.Fast Marking Speed and High Efficiency.
Stable Performance Without Consumable.

Marking on various metal like cosmetics, drugs,nylon, food and other macro-molecule material packaging surface marking,flexible PCB,silicon wafer micro-hole ,blind hole processing,LCD glass qr code , glassware surface punching, metal surface coating, plastic keys, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, construction materials, rubber and other non-metallic materials etc.

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