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Six Maintenance Tips Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

When using fiber laser marking machine, if we want to make the equipment working stable and last longer, we need to clean and maintain it regularly.

Focuslaser show you how to improve the age of the device and some of the routine maintenance tips.

1. Ensure the air circulation around the laser marking machine to avoid the problem of aging of the line caused by overheating of the equipment.

2. Do not move the equipment when it is working, there is a risk of damage to the equipment;

3. Ensure the supply voltage is stable, when the equipment fails, you need to cut off the power in time to prevent the damage to the laser source or other components;

4.When the work is completed, install the cover of the lens to prevent dust contaminating. When the equipment is not used for a long time, please cover it and cut off the main power;

5.Clean the lens regularly, the lens cleaning method is to invade the cotton swab or lens paper into the absolute ethanol, gently scrub the surface of the lens;

6. If the workpiece engaged in marking will cause dust (such as metal deep carving), it is better to equip with dust collector.

Because the dust attached to the surface of the lens will affect the output of laser power.

our dust collector has strong suction, working quiet and speed adjustable.

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