Which type fiber laser marking machine can deep engraving and cutting?

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If you want to do deep engraving work or cutting work on metal,you need to choose high watt fiber laser marking machine.

30w or 50w or 100w.30w at least.

Here we introduce more about high watt marking machine.

Deep engraving and thin metal cutting.

Deep engraving?
About engraving depth, it need multiple layers for marking , that means there are two layers, one layer parameter is Higher laser power, slower speed, this layer is for engraving depth.
Another layer parameter is Lower laser power, faster speed, this layer is for removing the dust.

Cut metal?
20W laser marking machine can cut 0.2mm Stainless steel,30W can cut 0.25mm,also it will need some time, to be honestly, this is laser marking machine, the depth of the marker around 0.01-0.2mm,not like the laser cutting machine. Even 0.2mm on stainless steel,also need very long time,not an good idea.
It’s unrealistic use laser marking machine cutting Stainless steel,even use the important Germany IPG laser, because when marking, the residue of the SS will Obstruction the cutting

Can we use IPG laser to cut jewelry?
Regarding high reflective material, IPG laser is no problem to use, it can perfect work on gold , silver, brass .etc materials. because we also have many jewelry customers, they use 30w ipg to engrave their jewelry. No need to worry about this.

Does the 925silver get dark when engraved?Is there a treatment people use afterwards?
A:For deep engraving,usually we need use same layer pattern.
1st layer with high power for depth;2nd layer with lower for scanning and wipe the dark.
B:Actually,most jewelry will do treatment or polish after laser processing,then the jewelry will be more beautiful.

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