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Advantage of a laser marking machine

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Compared with conventional marking processing technology, fiber laser marking has unparalleled advantages:
1. No contact, no cutting force, little thermal influence, ensuring the beauty and precision of the workpiece.
2. The processing method is flexible and variable, which can meet the requirements of industrialized mass production;
3. It is very difficult to imitate and change the marks made by laser marking, which plays a very important role in product anti-counterfeiting;
4. The combination of laser processing system and software makes automatic processing possible. Various characters, symbols and patterns can be input. It is very flexible to change patterns and other content through software to meet modern, efficient and fast-paced production methods;
5. Laser processing has no pollution source and is a clean, pollution-free high environmental protection processing technology;
6. It has wide adaptability to materials and can leave very fine marks on the surface of various materials.

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