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advantages of lastest Jewelry welding machine

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Latest design of Chinese jewelry welding machine Advantages:

We make the best jewelry welding machine in China. Because we are focus on this kind of small jewelry welding machine application. This jewelry welding machine is with small size and durable life. Here are some advantages of our jewelry welding machine:

  1. The whole machinedesigned with ergonomics, more suitable for jewelry industry, beautiful outlook, to make sure stable performance long time continuous working.
  2. Inner professional water-air cooling system embedded with low power consumption, no need industrial power, convenient to operate in small shop or factory.
  3. Applicable for welding and repairing metal materials, including stainless steel,18K gold, platinum, 925 silver and other metals.
  4. Widen internal space, convenient to put the tool and fixture.
  5. With switch installed in working area for adjusting laser parameters which is more easy to operate.
  6. Imported microscope, more clear to observe the welding position with adjustable LED shadow-less lamp.
  7. Less heating affects by welding with nice and smooth surface strong joints, convenient operation, fast speed, high efficiency, more deep, less distortion, efficient environmental protection and environment friendly.
  8. With high-definition CCD monitor which is more convenient to observe the welding position.

Above are Chinese made jewelry welding machine advantages, you can spend less money compare with other expensive jewelry welding machine.

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