Application of fiber laser marking machine in ear tag

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This article is about application of fiber laser marking machine in ear tag.

We have many clients who do ear tag marking business. Because they need to mark bar code on the ear tags with a fast speed and high efficiency. So fiber laser marking machine is widely used in this industry.Here share you some marking photos.

Fiber laser can mark on all metal materials and part of plastic. Most of ear tags are made of plastic.Fiber laser can mark on it with a fast speed and permanent effect.Also it can mark bar code, QR code, serial number and so on. So it will be convenient for your work.

Here is the machine photo. Mini type and desktop type is the most popular model in our clients.

laser marking machine

1.About Laser power
For ear tag marking, 20w is enough. If you want a fast speed and have enough budget, 30w is ok. The marking effect is same.

2.About the machine parameters
firstly, Laser type: fiber laser

secondly, Laser power:20w/30w/50w(optional)

thirdly,Marking area:100*100mm,150*150mm,200*200mm(optional)

fourthly, Marking line width:0.01-0.1mm

fifthly,Cooling way: air cooling

3.About the advantage of fiber laser marker
1.Fast marking Speed and High Efficiency

2.High Electro-optic Conversion Efficiency

3.Perfect marking effect

4.Integrated structure,small and compact size,less occupied area,easy transportation

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