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Service life of various laser marking machines

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The development of science and tachnology promotes the process of modernization, and the laser marking machine industry has become a hot industry. It has been widely used in various industries. Today, we will analyze the service life of various laser marking machines.

1.UV laser marking machine
The UV laser marking machine is use 355nm UV laser. It can greatly reduce the machanical deformation of the material and the processing heat effort is small.The effective light output time of the UV laser is 12000-14000 hours.According to the average use frequency and the working time,the effective working time of laser is 3-5 years.So do you need to replace the laser source in 3-5 years? NO,because the effective service doesn’t mean that the equipment can not work at all.

2.CO2 laser marking machine
The characteristics of CO2 laser are rich spectral lines.There are dozens of spectral lines in the vicinity of 10μm. The output of light has high power, narrow linewidth and stable operation.The energy conversion efficiency can reach 30-40%, and the service life of CO2 laser source is generally 2w hours.

3.Fiber laser marking machine
The service life of fiber laser marking machine is 100000 hours.Why the service time of fiber laser is longest?This is because the performance of the fiber laser itself. The electro-optical conversion rate of the fiber laser is as high as 30%,which can greatly save power and consumption,reduce operation cost, and send out high-quality beams,so as to achieve the highest production efficiency.Moreover, its working substance is crystal, which can support long-term excitation.The laser oscillates in the fiber without thermal effect. Only need air cooling , and unlike gas laser, it with less consumables.

In conclusion, any laser marking machine equipment needs our careful maintenance. No matter UV laser marking machine ,CO2 laser marking machine or fiber laser marking machine. as long as they are cleaned and maintained regulary, the service life of the equipment will be extended accordingly.

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