Can fiber laser marking machine mark food plastic bags?

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Can fiber laser marking machine mark food plastic bags? With the advancement of science and technology,the emergence of food laser marking machines has made up for these shortcomings. It basically covers the entire range of application of inkjet machines, laser marking machines. It is no longer simple to mark the product date and batch number. Because of its unique visual and tactile effects and long-lasting characteristics.

Therefore, it also has strong anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling characteristics. At present, it is mainly use for on-line coding marking on the surface of various products or the surface of outer packaging, and the traditional laser that can only mark stationary objects. The difference between the marking machine is that during the laser coding process, the product continuously flows on the production line. Thereby greatly improving the production efficiency and adapting the marking machine to the requirements of industrial production.

In the traditional process, food packaging bags are generally printed with ink to mark the production date, batch number, and production location information. Such as common dairy products, bread, bottled drinks and other foods. However, the ink printing method is easy to be erased. Driven by benefits, some unscrupulous merchants will erase the production date of products that are about to expire . And then spray the new production date to continue selling in the market. This will have a great impact on people’s health, and also seriously affect the market balance. However, the advent of laser marking machines has replaced inkjet marking.

The bagging industry marks the date of origin information to the pattern design decoration, etc., which is also suitable for the needs of the gift packaging bag industry. Laser marking machines are all excellent choices!

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