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PCB Marking Card For Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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PCBs (printed circuit boards) are ubiquitous in electronic technology. It has a construct a more compact circuit.Because they have a convenient size, light weight and good strength

In addition, modern multi-layer boards offer the opportunity to connect very small elements and create many complex connections between them. In such a large market, marking PCBs is very important for identifying specific products and elements. Primarily, it need to store alphanumeric information . But we use the barcode and ID matrix markers to store more data.

Laser marking of PCBs is an efficient and reliable process that does not involve chemicals or any consumable materials and is a completely contactless process. This makes the method cost effective and attractive for industrial manufacturing solutions.

Then process relies on changing the surface properties of the PCB material under laser radiation. And its marking speed is fast compared to alternative methods.It is also easy to repeat regardless of the amount of data.

So high quality marking can mark on PCB substrate and don’t damage it. Also cost-effective, high-quality results can be achieved on a variety of PCB materials through the use of high-speed galvanometer scanners and electronic control of time-pulse shapes.

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