Fiber laser marking machine for stainless steel industry

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Fiber laser marking machine used in stainless steel industry.

Stainless steel is a modern general engineering material. It is widely used in various industries.

Stainless steel is always the best choice for everything from consumer goods to kitchen utensils, from manufacturing surgical equipment to roofing.

There are more than 150 kinds of stainless steel on the market.

Their surface smoothness is also good.
When we use optical fiber laser marking technology in various stainless steel materials, it will have amazing effect.

Many products or components made of stainless steel require some form of marking.

Application of Fiber Laser Marker in Stainless Steel
Fiber laser marking machine can mark fonts single-line, hollow or solid.

Some tags are quite complex, such as the scale on a tool or musical instrument and other functional tags.

In addition, the optical fiber laser marker can still engrave more complex decorative patterns.

The size of optical fiber laser marking machine is small.

But it can produce nanosecond single pulse with optical concentration of 10-40W.

In order to make the surface of stainless steel change obviously without affecting the main stainless steel materials.

According to the characteristics of incident light and stainless steel type, as well as the different reactions between stainless steel and laser, we can achieve various visible effects.

We can use pulses of sufficient energy to melt part of the surface.

Laser can then cause a series of small pits on the surface and react with oxygen in the air.

Thus a touchable black marker is formed.

As the pulse increases, some materials will evaporate.

Because of the pressure, the melt in pitting will be extruded, which has a flash effect and significantly improves the visual quality, so it has a sense of sculpture.

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