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How to install an Ezcad3 software?

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There are a few software applied in laser marking machine industry. Such as SAMLIGHT, Prolase, Markingmate, Ezcad2, Ezcad3, etc. Because China is the biggest quantity laser marking machines manufactured, local Chinese Ezcad2 software used a lot which is very simple and in my opinion because of user friendly and named easy cad- ezcad2. For ecad2 software both can control a fiber laser marking machine or a UV laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine at the same time is well controlled. To Compared with EzCad2,  EzCad3 has more functions: such as 3D projection, wrap and layer deep carve; 3D large-area carving—solving small-format lens segmentation and carve seam defects; selected different through external input ports Layer processed, and the muti-layer processing interface originality and easy use; the DLC2-M4 card applies 4-way extension axis to realize the expansion shaft splicing and feeding function,realize the 3d engraving function. We have made a video for you to understand easily compare with reading a manual.

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