UV laser marking machine advantages

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UV laser belongs to cold light source. When laser cutting or marking, the thermal effect is very small, so it is more suitable for deep processing of materials sensitive to thermal effect.

UV laser has narrower pulse width and higher peak power, and it is easy to break through their failure threshold for materials with higher damage threshold such as ceramics and sapphire, so it is suitable for processing polymer materials with high damage threshold.

UV laser with narrower pulse width and higher peak power is very suitable for microhole drilling after focusing on ceramics and ultraviolet lasers with a minimum spot of 15μm.

UV laser no consumables, no maintenance for five years, low cost of use. Power saving and energy saving, the power of the whole machine is only 500W. Compared with lamp pump and semiconductor laser marking machine, it can save a lot of electricity every year. So it is belongs to environment friendly laser marking machine.

UV laser marking software is powerful and compatible with COREL _ DRAW, AUTO CAD, PHOTOSHOP and other software files; support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, etc., can use SHX, TTF font directly; support automatic coding, printing serial number, batch number date, bar code, QR code, automatic hop number and so on.

UV laser which is convenient maintenance, long service life, small volume, saving area, and suitable for harsh environment work.

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