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The advantages of laser marking with DataMatrix codes

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A large industrial production process needs to be integrated to save both time and cost. Laser marking systems are designed to be highly dynamic, integrated and configured according to the production chain, and connected to the software.

Laser marking is indelible and almost impossible to damage. This is essential where we need to get information about a damaged product or after a long period of time.

Data dynamism
An automated process allows us to monitor data constantly so that we can access any information required for production or to make necessary changes before the next phase.

The laser spot is very small, which means it can also mark difficult to reach parts of the product without compromising aesthetics and design.

Cost reduction
Laser marking is more cost-effective than other traceability systems, given that there are no costs for maintenance or disposal of waste materials.

Laser marking guarantees very high precision even with complex geometric details and the material is cleaned at the end of the process to guarantee perfect results.

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