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The Application of Mopa Laser Marking Machine

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In usual ,we call MOPA a black marking machine because it can easily blacken on anodized aluminum.

In addition to this, is there any use other than black?Lets find out the applications of MOPA

1.Aluminum and anodized aluminum black
Use laser to mark the black trademark, model, text, etc. on the surface of anodized aluminum material. More and more electronic and electrical manufacturers use it in the shell of electronic products,like HUAWEI.IPHONE ect.

But only the MOPA laser can do this work.Using narrow pulse width and high frequency parameters can produce different shades of black on the surface of the material. In addition to this different combinations of parameters can also mark different grayscale effects.

2.Surface peeling of alumina sheet
Nowadays,technology products are getting lighter and smaller,And the cases use the lightweight alumina material.In order not to deform the material, strip the surface material only need a short time and sufficient heat,So the MOPA laser is the best choose

3.Electronics, semiconductor, ITO precision machining
MOPA lasers have flexible adjustment of pulse width and frequency parameters,so likewise electronics, semiconductors, and ITO also use it .

Not only can the drawn lines be fine, but the edges appear smooth and not rough.

4.Stainless steel color marking
The pulse width and frequency of the MOPA laser marking machine are independently adjustable. So adjusting one of them will not affect other laser parameters.

We often use this characteristic to color the stainless steel.In the struggle between frequency and pulse width,different colors emerge

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