Why UV laser marking machine is more popular than fiber laser?

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UV laser marking machine is a product of laser marking machine series, and it is also a newly developed laser processing technology. Because the traditional laser marking machine which is hot processing technology, the improvement space in precision has limited development. However, UV laser marking machine is a kind of cold processing, so the fineness and thermal impact are reduced a lot compare with hot processing, it’s a big leap in laser technology.

UV laser processing becomes cold processing because the high-energy molecules of UV photons directly separate the molecules on the metal or non-metallic materials that need to be processed. However, this separation leads to the separation of molecules and materials. This working mode will not generate heat. As this will not generate heat, the way of UV laser processing becomes cold processing.  This is the source, and it is also different from the traditional laser.

On the basis of cold processing, the effect of processing product materials will get better effect and better development. When using cold laser processing, the probability of material influence is reduced to 1%. In this way, the advantages of processing are fully applied, and laser technology is greatly improved. Therefore, UV laser marking machine is very popular.

If in hot places focuslaser suggest you to choose a water cooling UV laser marking machine, this is because water cooling will supply a continue cooling methods for the UV laser marking machine optical crystal which will make UV laser running more stable. However, if your working environment is very cool or in the airconditioner room. FOCUSLASER can also sugget you an air cooling UV laser marking machine. Air cooling UV laser marking machine is more small and can be made very compact.

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